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Posted by on March 8, 2011

Take a few minutes and look around our new website.

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  1. Annmarie

    I DO NOT like beer!!!! AT ALL!!! I have throughout the years tried many different kinds or brands, and just gave up a few years ago. I was recently in Atlanta, GA at this great pub. Someone suggested that I try your Pear cider. I did while saying, ” if I don’t like it your going to drink it , right?”. While, I drank 2 of them in the time it took them to drink one tap beer. I LOVE your pear cider. Now, I need to know where to get it here in Connecticut! Or can I buy it through your company and send it to my house!!


  2. Angela Enright

    Just tried the Ace Pear Cider … Loved it! Can you tell me if there is ANY grape product used in the cider? I don’t see it on your label, but thought it might be included in the “natural flavorings” descriptor. Thanks!

  3. Carmen Jordan

    While on another cider website some one brought up your brand and said it was the best they’d ever had. Would LOVE to see it in my area. (SOON!) Milwaukee, WI western suburbs. (Sendik’s stores are great for this stuff) Please let me know if you begin selling here. Thanks.

  4. jeffrey house

    Anne Marie, we are glad that you like our ACE PERRY it will be up in Connecticut in August….Angela ther is no grape in any of our ciders…Carmen we are being sold in Milwaukee through River City Distributing, have you seen them yet?

  5. jeffrey house

    We are very excited over here at ACE, our high speed bottling line should be hooked up this week, we can begin trials and get our brands out of the door faster and keep all our supporters happier. We will also be able to do some different packages. More on that shortly………

  6. Sean

    Good night with the Joker down here in Florida. Way better than beer, because it’s actually yum-yum in the tum-tum. Keep doing what you’re doing. Product is awesome.

  7. Mike

    We recently tried the pear ale and my wife loves it but we aren’t able to find it where we live. Any idea where we can find it in Corvallis OR?

  8. Jeffrey House

    Hi Mike , you can get our ACE ciders in Corvallis from Odom Distributing, you may want to call Scott Stewart, the Sales Manager in Oregon at 253-651-1247.

  9. Adam

    Bring Ace to Madison Wi!!!

  10. Henrik

    My wife and I recently tried your pumpkin cider while visiting Chicago (Jake Melnik’s) and it is absolutely delicious. We live in Vancouver BC Canada and would love to see your products here. I have asked a couple of specialty beer and wine stores to contact you in hopes that distribution to Canada may be possible?
    Anyway great product, we will find more on our next visit to the States!

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