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Dear Ace,

I tried your Perry Ace Cider this summer and fell in love. I immediately searched for a place where I could buy a case. The closest distributor is 2+ hours away from where I live now. I waited for an opportunity, which finally came this last weekend, and decided to buy a case of every variety you offer. The distributor carried your apple and pear ciders, so I bought a case of each. That night I had your pumpkin cider at a restaurant in Philadelphia. Since first trying your Perry Ace, I have searched for a comparable hard cider. I have tried a handful of your competitors offerings and each time I was sorely disappointed. Your pumpkin cider was fantastic – and I don’t even like pumpkin! When I got home and opened a refrigerated Perry Ace today I was so nervous that I had only imagined how good your cider was during the summer. I am so glad that the crisp, tart, and refreshing taste I remembered is exactly what you deliver. No one comes close to the perfection Ace maintains. Every glass, and every bottle I’ve bought is so worth it! I gambled on a case of woodchuck and was disgusted. It is so good to have taken that same gamble on Ace Perry and Apple ciders to be so satisfied with the taste. Thank you for your amazing product! I wish I didn’t have to drive hours to buy it, but it is SO worth it!

Alysia Sufrin


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