ACE Recipes
ACE Recipes

You can use our ciders in your everyday cooking, its like cooking with champagne, it tends to lighten up all foods. Why use old left over wine when you can use our fresh bubbly natural ciders which are very inexpensive compared to wine. Maybe we should raise our prices!

Nothing goes with pork dishes better than ACE APPLE. Our ciders can complement all spicy foods such as Thai, Chinese, Indian as well. You can serve our JOKER in champagne glasses and your guests will think that you’ve ignored the recession!


Are great to have with desserts, you can macerate fresh fruits {berries, pear slices, apple slices for instance}. What about a cold ACE PERRY with a blue cheese and pear salad? How about cooking mussels in cider? What about glazing your Thanksgiving turkey in our ACE APPLE HONEY? Halloween to Thanksgiving is traditional cider time in the US and abroad.

Some of our favorite recipes: