First of all if you are currently carrying or considering distributing our ACE ciders, know that nobody in the World makes a better range of ciders. Wasn’t it Cassius Clay, who said why be modest when you’re the best?! We use local Sonoma eating apples and natural flavors for our ciders that is why they are fresh and pure tasting. Most of our competition use crab apples or pithy cider apples.

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  • The cider market is growing at 20% per annum, craft beers at 9%. ACE at 35% in 2010.
  • It’s easier to sell a hard cider on tap or in the store that another beer, how many ales, lagers, hefe weisses, strong ales, IPA’s do you need? You’re competing against yourselves with similar sku’s of beer.
  • ACE pricing is premium but competitive to other cider and less expensive than most beers!
  • Wine is too expensive and too high in alcohol compared to cider.
  • The UK cider business is $1.5 billion, the US is only $100 million with 6 times the UK population. Canada spends $5 per capita on cider the US .15cents.Tremendous upside potential.
  • The number one sku in the UK is a cider not Budweiser!
  • Cider is its own drinks category and does not have to be price-posted in most states. Therefore you can be aggressive with promotions.
  • Cider consumption is 40% male and 60% female. Females do most of the grocery shopping. Females increase on-premise sales.
  • ACE PERRY is one of the most refreshing drinks, ACE JOKER is like champagne and mixes with other beverages such as lagers, stouts. OJ etc.
  • Cider doesn’t foam, therefore no waste, lost profits, frustration.
  • ACE ciders have no date codes and do not have to be refrigerated as much as micro and macro beer.
  • Most major metro’s currently sell 3 to 4 keg’s of hard ciders per month, this could quadruple in the next 5 years.
  • ACE has a 4-5% market share, we are looking for 25% over the next few years.


  • Why would you want to carry our ACE CIDERS? Why not ?
  • Additional dollars/ Profit for you, is that a good reason? You will sell just as much beer/ wine and spirits as before, adding an ACE tap is incremental/ additional money, everyone should have a cider tap in their bar or a cider section in their store.
  • There are 1.3 million people with celiac disease in the US who can’t drink beer that is not gluten-free.
  • ACE ciders demographics are 40% male and 60% female, 21-44.
  • Over 60% of consumer shopping is done by females
  • HARD CIDERS are the fastest growing category in the US { 20% per year} as hard lemonades decline and cider awareness and distribution improves.
  • You can add versatility to your bar by adding Snakebites, Black Satins, Mimosa’s, Hot Apple Pie’s to your drinks lists.
  • ACE doesn’t foam, no waste or falling profits.
  • ACE CIDERS are usually at 5% abv, JOKER is 6.9%, they are easy to drink and you can sell more than wine or strong beers.
  • When it is really hot and humid, nothing is more refreshing that an ACE over ice!
  • ACE Ciders have lower calories than wine and beer, in moderation they are good for you, an apple a day keeps the doctor away!
  • ACE Ciders can be run through a cold plate.
  • It is a myth that cider taints lines, anyway it should be a permanent handle so you won’t have that concern!
  • Go on try a case or two or a keg and you’ll be surprised on how well they sell.